```Waleed K Elsayed [R]

Your Realtor For Life

```Waleed K Elsayed [R]

```Waleed K Elsayed [R]

Your Realtor For Life
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Office: Keller Williams Realty Solutions
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Bio - Waleed Khaled Elsayed


No matter where he went, Waleed Khaled Elsayed, had two distinct advantages over his peers:

#1) He read more than they did,
#2) He was always able to outwork them.

Waleed was working a professional job in Toronto's financial district when he became interested in real estate.  He was inspired by the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki in his books: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Cashflow Quadrant”.  As a result on June 11, 2007, Waleed took his savings and purchased his first investment property.

Waleed’s father was a real estate agent and it was the father’s encouragement that compelled Waleed to pursue becoming licensed as a realtor.  Since purchasing his first property, Waleed went on to purchase seven more investment properties and has never looked back since. As a second generation real estate agent Waleed believes:  “We are among 55,000+ licensed professionals who offer this service of being a real estate agent. Our reputation, level of performance and quality of care towards our clients determines our life or death in this competitive industry.”

In his first full year as a realtor, Waleed was awarded for being among the top 10 at his office for the number of transactions performed for the year.  To that achievement he states: “I was the youngest in my office and performing many transactions allowed me to gain much experience in a short time. This became very important later on as I was well-equipped to assist my clients in navigating complicated and time-sensitive real estate transactions.”

Waleed’s main area of expertise is in residential real estate buying, selling, and investment.  He has the problem-solving ability of an engineer and the creative imagination of an artist. He first captured the attention of his peers by becoming known as a proactive agent who was not afraid to make cold-calls and to prospect door-to-door for his clients’ interests.  

Waleed feels:  “I’m old-school; and real estate is an old-fashioned business that is built on face-to-face relationships.  Prospecting door-to-door is one of the most effective methods of selling real estate in my opinion, although it never gets easy.  I’ve done martial arts and prospecting door-to-door requires the same level of discipline and commitment it takes to earn a black belt.  My main approach are the tried-and-true methods of the legendary realtors but at the same time, as a Millennial, I enhance my efforts with the latest technology.”

In early 2016, Waleed moved his practice to Keller Williams Realty.  His main reasons for doing so were because Keller Williams is a leading training organization that is “built by agents for agents”.  Waleed believes that he can build his real estate business inside the Keller Williams business. He also discovered that by using KW methodologies, he can increase his productivity and in turn offer better service to his clients.  He now leads a small team of realtors and here is what he has to say to anyone interested in the profession: “Becoming a realtor is a profession that may be easy to break into, but it is difficult to master. As a person who makes 100% of their income on commission, you have to be comfortable living in uncertainty.  Your next payday is not guaranteed and it may be 60-120 days away. You will constantly have to seek employment. You have to be able to perform in a hostile environment and you must not let your personal finances compromise the quality of your work for your clients. I realized early on that it is best to build a healthy financial reserve and to perform daily activities that will lead to predictable results.  I thank God for giving me the ability and work ethic required to thrive in this industry and I thank my father for believing in me.”

Waleed is an enthusiastic and optimistic individual who lives a life with no regrets.  He loves being a realtor and his message to the world is: "Most people either own or would love to own some real estate. Although it may be the largest transaction for most people, buying and selling doesn't have be complicated...LetsKeepItSimple.ca"